Leather Sleeved Sweat(er/shirt)/Crewneck Tutorials

February 18, 2013 § 1 Comment

I promised a while back from another post(sorry for being late) that I would make a DIY tutorial for leather sleeved sweaters. But going through the blogoshpere, I discovered a medley of tutorials by same pretty creative bloggers. Here are the tutorials:

Sophie from The Forge didn’t completely changed the sleeve but simply just added lovely leather details:

Je M’appelle Shen with the Zara shirt inspired tutorial:

Megan Mummery of Oh Seven Days adds a nice twist to the leather sleeves:

Valentina Isabella of The Slushy Brain with the classic jean jacket:

Femi Meaux of Break Fast At Faymes with the half leather sleeved sweater:

Hope you were inspired while going through the number of tutorials and like always, happy DIYing.


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