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November 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sorry I’ve been out for a long time, but there hasn’t been anything I wanted to do that isn’t already out there. So I decided to post my top inspirational blogs/bloggers.

1. Miss Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics. She not only has inspired me, but has slowly changed my perspective on my own style. Her very minimalistic fashion, whether it’s interior or personal, is just so clean.

2. Maria Van Nguyen from Vanillascented has similar style as Love Aesthetics. Need I say more?

3. A Pair & A Spare by Geneva Vanderzeil is one of the first blogs that became part of my online rotation. The way that Geneva challenges herself to come up with weekly DIYs( almost weekly) is truly an amazing thing.

4. Annaleenas Hem is focused on interior design with loads of simple, easy, and stylish DIYs.

So check out the links above and hope you guys get inspired as much as they have inspired me.


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