DIY Recycling Scrap Fabrics: Shirt Pocket

August 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Click the link to see my first post about Recycling Scrap Fabrics.

As I’ve said in my previous post, I have accumulated numerous scrap fabric not big enough for new project but not small enough that it’s of no use. There is a particular fabric that I really like that I got from a company picnic, to serve as a napkin (I think…), that I’ve been dying to use.

So straight to the point. Adding pockets are pretty simple to do. First make a pattern from a previous shirt, or make it from scratch, making sure to leave extra fabric for the margin. Shirt pocket shapes vary from a simple square to a triangular or curved bottom.

Iron the fabric flat. Trace the pattern onto the fabric and cut.

At this point fold the top part and do a straight stitch to secure it. Also , if the fabric tends to fray, it would be advisable to do a zigzag stitch along-side the edge.

Figure out the placement of the pocket, fold the margin under, iron flat and pin down. Some may choose to glue the edges on with fabric glue rather than sew on or do the combination of both.
Sew, making sure to double-back at the start and end to ensure sturdiness.

Youtuber EnviouStyles did a very detailed tutorial that would really help if there were things that were unclear.

Happy DIYing


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