Clay: It Molds With Your Hands.

March 25, 2012 § 6 Comments

I recently stumbled upon a huge collection of high grade oven-bake clay (YES!) on sale (YEESSS!!). You guys have no idea how much I like working with clay. As a child I’ve interacted with Play-Doh and other alternatives and I think most kids did too. Even later on when I enrolled in summer art classes; I interacted with putty erasers (as shown below).

I guess it’s not really a surprise for me to use something like clay during an art class but it was definitely a mistake for me to use that type of eraser in school. As you can imagine, it didn’t help me at all academically speaking. If any of you have actually been fortunate enough to have an awesome eraser like that, you would know how distracting it is. Bottom line is that clay has a total nostalgic factor.

I actually have a few projects I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, but I just never had clay at hand. So the first one is this awesome Wands in Harry Potter Style by username Sigrunelise at Cut Out + Keep. I know It says that it uses hot glue instead of clay, but I just like how yielding putty is compared to hot glue and that will allow anybody the capability to shape intricate designs. Though it wouldn’t be as pliable as the wood and hot glue combo(but that’s a risk I want to take).

Second on the list is also from Cut Out + Keep and is this super simple Polymer Buttons posted by user Creativemind. Though I like bottons probably more than the next guy, I like this project more because of how clay can be used to be an accent to a much bigger project. This project shows that clay doesn’t always have to be the center piece to a project but just a minor detail.

Lastly is the best book mark I have ever seen… of all time. The Ruby Slippers/ Wicked Witch Of the East Bookmark by Kira Nichols who runs Oops, I Craft My Pants( I just love that title). She actually sells her bookmarks on her Etsy if you’re too lazy to make your own( and to support artists and their crafts, of course), but the downside is that, it’s pretty much sold out every time she restocks(That’s how amazing it is). There actually is no tutorial for the bookmark and I actually was planning on making one, but lets be honest, it’s not a very complex project. The details might take some time, but it’s still not that difficult to imagine the procedure behind it.

So go ahead and go to your local craft-store and pick up some clay and create something.


§ 6 Responses to Clay: It Molds With Your Hands.

  • fpump says:

    I had to show my sister this post, she loves working with clay as well. She’s now gathering materials to make that bookmark lol.

    For your best post, I’d suggest either this one or your second (Thank You Ms. Jo For An Obsession.), but they’re all quite good.

  • Jeyna Grace says:

    Wow! Those are so cool! I think i need to get my hands on those clay.

  • Oh that is too awesome! I loved The Wizard of Oz as a child! That book mark is so cool! I love walking into art stores an just wandering around the store thinking about projects I could do, but never thought of little book marks! I’m going to have to do some more wandering haha

    • Since wood really is your forte, you could carve wood instead of using clay. Totally defeats the purpose of this post about using clay but oh well. It would totally add a different dimension to the bookmark if it’s made of wood.

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