Tutorial Flies When You`re Having Fun

February 26, 2012 § 6 Comments

So… I’m going to be honest and say that I’m running low on tutorials. I wasn’t exactly thinking about making tutorials when I was designing/making some of my projects, which are now done. So while I compose tutorials for my completed projects; I will list some of my favourite tutorials out there that I’m hoping on conquering in the future.

Oh yeah here’s the twist, none of them would be t-shirt or clothing related tutorials. How do you like them apples? As the saying goes.

Firstly I would like to introduce a website that is filled with inspiring members that has helped with some of my projects. Cut Out + Keep has members just like me, members with a lot of ideas and projects that needs to be shared to the world. I found this first project there:

The Floating Book Shelf or simply as the ‘book shelf’ as I call it because, well… it`s literally a shelf made out of books. Not only is the shelf concept so amusing, the creator left a little surprise in the midst of it all. To check out the tutorial, go ahead and click here.

Second on the list comes from the exact same site. This one, let`s just say, blew my mind. Not only was it such an amazing design, but it was so amazingly well made. I was envious of the creator, and how could I not be when it comes to lamps lighting features. I`m not usually into lamps, as it is called, but this Tetris Lamp just pulls on those nostalgic( or maybe even not so nostalgic) heart strings. So just check the tutorial out and tell me that it isn`t brilliant.

Since I`m already talking about lamps I might as well list this super awesome, and not to mention super cheap lamp, based on this slightly more awesome lamp that is not so super cheap. It is the Alien Abduction Lamp. The creation of the tutorial for the replica lamp was actually because of a contest. The goal was to make a home decor for $5 or less. So it`s cheap and easy to make, so check out the tutorial right now.

*note: As stated in the tutorial, this project is for personal use only and not for copying and selling.

The last tutorial on the list is a video tutorial. This is for boring walls, and walls that`s to be left alone. The Wall Decal tutorial by Threadbanger.com will bring life to any room. Like I said and what will be later said in the video is that, this decal can be taken off. So no wall should be safe from getting decorated.

If you stayed and actually read through this whole post I thank you, and I hope that you find some inspiration and maybe even want to try one or all four of the projects. Happy crafting.



§ 6 Responses to Tutorial Flies When You`re Having Fun

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