Thank You Ms. Jo For An Obsession.

February 12, 2012 § 9 Comments

So it continues…

Based on my first post, everyone should know I was obsessed with t-shirts.  This post is a little later on down the road when my obsession has somewhat subsided, a few years later or so. This time though a shirt was born because of my new obsession… The Harry Potter books. I don’t know what happened but when I picked up that first book; it engulfed me in a whole ‘nother world (My prior attempts at conquering the master piece of Rowling’s was a failure and it just seemed so dull). I read so rapidly and it just engulfed me further and further down the rabbit hole Chamber of Secrets. It came to a point where I was picturing scenes as I read them like I was actually watching it, because of that I still at times cannot differentiate what’s in the book and what’s in the movie.

So what’s better than rekindling an old obsession with a new one? I still want a shirt that’s unique and has a strong reference to the novel that only true fans of Harry Potter (not only the movie) will understand. At that time, the premier for the 6th movie was close at hand so I decided to pick a spell that was supposed to be used in that book, Sectumsempra. Too lazy to read the description of the spell? Well basically the spell cuts a foe as if by an invisible sword.

So just like from the previous post, you may just skip through the whole how-to to see the final product. I’ll be explaining a bit about some parts of the design as well.

Project requirments:
  • Plain tee
  • Black fabric paint
  • Red fabric paint
  • Sheets of paper
  • Exacto knife
  • Paint brush

Start by printing the “Sectumsempra” in one of the sheet of paper as the template. Use the picture provided to make your life easier.

Now repeat the first step with “is a very messy spell”. Use the picture provided to make your life easier. Side note, this should be printed just more than half the height of the first template to emphasize the spell. *Side, side note, this part is kind of a twisted joke because bleeding is bit messy.

Now using the exacto knife, carefully cut the letters out to make the stencil.

Now place a bit of the black fabric paint into a small bowl. In this case I used the cap of the paint. Now add a few drops of water into the cap to thin the paint a bit. This will make painting easier.

Trace the stencil on to the shirt. Do this for both stencils. Fill in the letters with the black paint.

Do the same thing to the red paint by adding a bit of water to it. This part is to paint gashes like design referencing to the result of the spell. Just go crazy. Splatter the paint all over the shirt. If you’re not feeling crazy, then just use the picture provided to help you paint the gash looking design.

After, let the paint dry and follow further instructions based on the fabric paint bottle and there you go. An awesome Harry Potter inspired shirt. Now you are a walking example of why you should never meddle in the Dark Arts.

Happy Horcrux hunting


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