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Back in 10th grade I use to have an obsession with t-shirts, and not just any tee but tees with funny phrases and unique designs (some unique for a reason). Looking back on it; it just makes me want to bow my head in shame to the crazy designs and cheesy phrases that was on those shirts. The one shirt that I’m actually quite proud of is something I made. It’s simple and one of the first few shirts I have designed at that point.

I’ll give you all a short introduction of what lead to the idea of this particular shirt. It started with a scrolling LED belt buckle I saw at the mall and I thought it was so cool (it’s not).

I wanted to have a piece of clothing that has a message that is changeable. What better way to achieve that than with my obsession with shirts? Deciding that whatever I was planning to do, it can’t be anything electronic because… well… I’m going to need to wash that shirt eventually. Then I remember the game Scrabble; it forms words and phrases, and it doesn’t have any electronics, well the old one at least doesn’t.

The following day I went to a thrift store and bought a Scrabble board game for the Scrabble pieces and the rest was history. I’ll leave a how to just in case someone might want to make one, and if you don’t want to make one just scroll down and enjoy the pictures.

Project requirments:
  • Plain tee
  • Scrabble pieces
  • Velcro strips
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors

Take the velcro strips and cut it into 1x1cm squares. I just eyeballed the measurement. The only thing that matters is that the squares are smaller than the Scrabble pieces.

Now it’s time to set up where the Velcro is going to be placed. It’s good to place pieces on the top and sides for a guide. I didn’t make it too close or else the pieces wont fit later on.

The amount of squares can be as many as the shirt will allow but in this case an 11 X 8 grid will do. Just glue the squares to the shirt. It  could also be sewn on for added reinforcement but it would be a time consuming process and not really something that is needed.

Now with the final step. With the other side of the velcro, cut it as well and just glue it on the back side of the game piece. Let everything dry and there it is.

The final outcome.


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§ 3 Responses to [S][C][R][A][B][B][L][E]

  • fpump says:

    That shirt’s brilliant! I love unique shirts as well, and I’ve tried making my own designs as well (spray paint and stencils with the right paint brand works great). How well does fabric glue hold up? I’ve looked into making slide gloves for longboarding, but I’ve been having issues attaching Velcro to the gloves I have for the pucks…

  • sheilahancock says:

    Whoa–Miguel, what a cool idea! You explain the process very well!

    Looking forward to future posts…


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