Balenciaga Metal Leggings.

May 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

Do you hate when you accidentally drop food on your pants and end up staining them? Do you want to look like a robot from the waist down?

Well you can solve both those things with the Balenciaga metal leggings. You heard right, metal leggings.

In all honestly though, it really is quite brilliant. Besides the supposedly 100k price tag on these custom leggings, it is a solid design. I wonder how comfortable it is though.


The Only Shoes You Will Need This Summer

April 27, 2013 § 1 Comment

IMG_9510Who even needs flip-flops, really?

The Nike Roshe and FreeRuns are the way too go. I am in no way sponsored by Nike but if you have shoes that is both stylish and functional, you know you’ve got a winner. Both the Roshe and Frees can be used for a simple stroll to your favourite cafe, and at the same time can be used on the track. In addition, you can go sockless with these shoes as well. Oh yeah, did I mention that when the shoes gets dirty, all you need to do is rinse the sole and pop those babies in the wash and dryer and BAM, they are clean.

So basically, the shoes are very minimalistic, clean, unisex, and you can’t really go wrong with them.

IMG_1292I myself am already wearing my mine during this spring season. Just itching for summer to come.

Leather Sleeved Sweat(er/shirt)/Crewneck Tutorials

February 18, 2013 § 1 Comment

I promised a while back from another post(sorry for being late) that I would make a DIY tutorial for leather sleeved sweaters. But going through the blogoshpere, I discovered a medley of tutorials by same pretty creative bloggers. Here are the tutorials:

Sophie from The Forge didn’t completely changed the sleeve but simply just added lovely leather details:

Je M’appelle Shen with the Zara shirt inspired tutorial:

Megan Mummery of Oh Seven Days adds a nice twist to the leather sleeves:

Valentina Isabella of The Slushy Brain with the classic jean jacket:

Femi Meaux of Break Fast At Faymes with the half leather sleeved sweater:

Hope you were inspired while going through the number of tutorials and like always, happy DIYing.

This Year’s Goal

February 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

January went by and now February is rushing by, and yet this my first post of 2013. I just want to thank everyone who’s been supporting my blog. Now enough chitchat, lets get this started.

I decided that this year I will be more aware of my purchases, what I have, and basically try to avoid buying excess. I will try to recycle anything I can and reuse things I might have forgotten.

I decided to recycle a container of Ferrero Roche a la Ivania Carpio (since I got a ton of them for Christmas). I placed my iPods in there and a few jewelry.

20130208-123326.jpgIt has a nice, clean, minimalistic look to it, which I really do love.

That’s it for now, expect more to come this year, and happy DIYing.

DIY Inspiration: Leather Sleeved Sweat(er/shirt)/Crewneck.

November 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

UPDATE: Check the tutorials here.

Leather has really made a tremendous comeback. Leather is everywhere, varsity jackets, coats, and even pants. But When I saw this leather sleeved crewneck online, the first thought that came to my head is “I got to have it”. I sadly cannot locate the original source of the picture, and therefore cannot find the maker of the lovely thing. I searched the web for similar items and ran into:

Alexander McQueen‘s degradé sleeved cotton sweatshirt.

Givenchy‘s leather sleeve sweater.

Cynthia Rowley‘s leather sleeved pullover

Finally, a slightly different style, Sons of Heroes‘ varsity shirt with leather sleeves.

From top to bottom of the list, if you are a struggling student( like myself), it will be quite pricey. The quality is almost assured to be top quality of course, especially with names such as Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, but never the less it is pricey. So the cheaper alternative will lead to another DIY project, so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

Inspirational Blogs

November 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sorry I’ve been out for a long time, but there hasn’t been anything I wanted to do that isn’t already out there. So I decided to post my top inspirational blogs/bloggers.

1. Miss Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics. She not only has inspired me, but has slowly changed my perspective on my own style. Her very minimalistic fashion, whether it’s interior or personal, is just so clean.

2. Maria Van Nguyen from Vanillascented has similar style as Love Aesthetics. Need I say more?

3. A Pair & A Spare by Geneva Vanderzeil is one of the first blogs that became part of my online rotation. The way that Geneva challenges herself to come up with weekly DIYs( almost weekly) is truly an amazing thing.

4. Annaleenas Hem is focused on interior design with loads of simple, easy, and stylish DIYs.

So check out the links above and hope you guys get inspired as much as they have inspired me.

DIY Recycling Scrap Fabrics: Shirt Pocket

August 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Click the link to see my first post about Recycling Scrap Fabrics.

As I’ve said in my previous post, I have accumulated numerous scrap fabric not big enough for new project but not small enough that it’s of no use. There is a particular fabric that I really like that I got from a company picnic, to serve as a napkin (I think…), that I’ve been dying to use.

So straight to the point. Adding pockets are pretty simple to do. First make a pattern from a previous shirt, or make it from scratch, making sure to leave extra fabric for the margin. Shirt pocket shapes vary from a simple square to a triangular or curved bottom.

Iron the fabric flat. Trace the pattern onto the fabric and cut.

At this point fold the top part and do a straight stitch to secure it. Also , if the fabric tends to fray, it would be advisable to do a zigzag stitch along-side the edge.

Figure out the placement of the pocket, fold the margin under, iron flat and pin down. Some may choose to glue the edges on with fabric glue rather than sew on or do the combination of both.
Sew, making sure to double-back at the start and end to ensure sturdiness.

Youtuber EnviouStyles did a very detailed tutorial that would really help if there were things that were unclear.

Happy DIYing